Interactive Energy AG

We are an independent energy and commodities trading company, and as such, physical trading and logistics are at the core of our business. In simple economic terms, this means that we seek to find, obtain, and refine resources from places in which supply is plentiful, and transfer them to where demand is high.

But we do much more than that. We encourage trade. We establish partnerships. We stimulate markets.

We do most of this by way of physical trading, which is complemented by refinement, power generation, shipping and more. Every day ships containing our products—from energy to metal and soft commodity related products—travel all over the world. Physical commodities like crude oil, sugar or copper are delivered to where they’re needed most.

With offices in Luzern, London, and Hong Kong, we are able to extend our reach on a global scale, which means that we understand better than anyone the complex and at-times fragile nature of the world’s commodity markets. Our organization’s privately-owned structure allows us to make decisions decisively, rapidly, and inventively.

The commodity markets undergo swift changes every day, so we couple our physical resources with a thorough proficiency in managing our own financial risk..

Interactive Energy AG was founded in 2015 with our sights aimed on commodity products. Staffed by energy professionals equipped with in-depth experience in the business of commodity transportation, market intelligence, refining, distribution, marketing, trading, and finance, we are proud to be a new major participant in world energy trading.

Our organization prides itself on a true esprit de corps, a sense of unity that goes beyond just occupation. We strive to attract the most proficient personnel at all levels of our company, and we retain them by treating them with the integrity and respect they deserve. There is mutual trust between our administration and our employees that is not commonly found in a workplace; we place responsibility on our workforce with the knowledge that they are resourceful, intelligent, and reliable. Our brief hierarchy allows us to act decisively and make decisions swiftly. It is on this platform that we build sustaining relationships with partners and customers alike that rely on Interactive Energy AG for sound business practices, pragmatic thinking, and creative solutions, all with our resolute devotion to excellence.

As a physical trading company, we identify disparities between supply and demand, and then we act quickly and safely to restore balance. We transfer commodity from where it is found and/or stored to where it is needed.

The safe management of risk is a cornerstone of our business. We do not subject ourselves or our partners to unnecessary risk exposure, nor do we speculate on absolute price movements. Instead, we utilise our effective global reach, coupled with the experience to forecast change, to deliver creative, healthy, and beneficial solutions.

Our primary responsibility is and always will be to our customers. As a privately-owned company, we are able to make decisions swiftly and resolutely. We have the personnel, experience and technology at our disposal to make intelligent connections, optimise economies of scale and create enduring partnerships.

Interactive Energy is a very unique type of business. As a privately-owned company, our focus is always, without exception, on our customers. And when we say customers, we mean partners.

However, the most important thing that we take care of (which we believe should be followed by every trading company and business organization) is- an Environment-Friendly Approach. This is the reason why we are following all the legal attributes under the European Union (EU) and federal level including acts, orders, ordinances, directives or decisions by the European Commission to “Go Green”.

We bring to emerging companies the best trading opportunities via supplying resources, logistic services, and latest financial market data information for a broad range of commodities. We understand how useful and important these energy resources are for our daily activities in different sectors. So, right from the industries, machineries, refinery companies and even the agricultural sectors can become an extensive part of our business, as we believe in “Working and Growing Together”.