At Interactive Energy AG we trade in and distribute physical commodities sourced from third party producers. We also provide, processing, storage, logistics and other services to commodity producers and consumers. Our customer base is highly diversified, with a high proportion of long-term commercial relationships.

Our unique business model means we cover a wide range of products, activities and locations, with a presence at every stage of the commodity chain. Our scale and diversity makes us a particularly reliable and competitive supplier of quality products, with extensive market knowledge and wide logistics capabilities.

We mitigate any credit risk in relation to suppliers and customers through systematically applying measures such as credit insurance, letters of credit, security arrangements, or bank and corporate guarantees. We also leverage our network of global offices, which have direct access to, and keep close relationships with our customers and suppliers.

We trade physical commodities online, creating more efficient markets, reducing long-term costs for our clients. Our platform and experience is built upon long term relationships that we have cultivated with farmers ,producers ,refiners. and counterparts, end users.

We offer the ability to our customers to do such thing via their mobile or tablets with real time pricing, market data and news,  full history of their transactions, P&L informations, and integrated tracking system allowing to monitor the shipment of the physical commodity.

Our unique understanding of the global environment continues to distinguish us from our industry peers.


Physical trading capabilities

  • Trade in a variety of physical commodities
  • Offer customers efficient off-take or supply services, as well as logistics management
  • Online physical platform we connect supply with demand, we source and trade
  • Logistic – Tracker System Delivery

Marketing & Logistic

  • We have extensive compliance policies and procedures, and use third-party scanning software systems to manage compliance with sanctions and other regulations.
  • Physical commodity sourcing and marketing requires the highest standards in the handling and shipment of goods from supplier to customer, often including storage activities. We offer a broad range of competitively priced value-added services that includes processing, storage and logistics.