Our story

Interactive Energy AG- Our Story

Every day the commodity markets are undergoing rapid changes. Interactive Energy AG understands the immense usages of these resources and thus brings the best trading opportunities to different organizations in order to capture the opportunities of the demands, avoid threats and deal with the market to manage their risk exposures.


Interactive Energy is an energy and commodities company. Physical trading, logistics and distribution are at the core of the business and is complemented by refining, shipping, terminals exploration and production, power generation, and mining business solutions. Therefore, the basic aim of Interactive Energy AG is to find, obtain, and refine resources from places in which supply is plentiful , and transfer them to where demand is high.

Founded in Switzerland in 2015, the company has offices in Luzern, London, Hong Kong and soon in Mumbai. We are planning to expand our presence in Europe. Privately owned and fully independent trading Company, we move physical commodities to where they are mostly needed. By having, strong and direct contacts in ports, terminals and logistics we enhance our physical trading activities. We stay focused on what our customers want.

Interactive Energy AG serves producers, importers, exporters, commercial counter parties, institutional investors, brokers, professional traders, commercial banks and major investment banks. We provide to our partners and clients direct, simplified and automatized access to the physical markets throughout the whole of Europe. We source products from remote locations and deliver on-time, on-spec shipments almost anywhere. We help traders and investors from different organizations to work efficiently and create an efficient platform for them to work actively with us and through us.

We believe in bringing the best commodities and supplies to the organization for trading and generating revenues out of it. We have the best methodologies to supply and dispatch the ordered products or the commodities different businesses ask for. However, the most important thing that we take care of (which we believe should be followed by every trading company and business organization) is- an Environment-Friendly Approach. This is the reason why we are following all the legal attributes under the European Union (EU) and federal level including acts, orders, ordinances, directives or decisions by the European Commission to “Go Green”.


We bring to emerging companies the best trading opportunities via supplying resources, logistic services, and latest financial market data information for a broad range of commodities.