Android Application

Interactive Energy AG brings an interactive way of using the smart phones for easy trading and information. The company now brings easy applications for Android phones.

Objective – At Interactive Energy, we aim to develop the mobile apps for the company and the users.

Purpose – The users will be able to get exact and updated information about the price range of the commodities and other resources and will invest accordingly.

The application has to be built for Android Smart Phones and will have the different features of the websites to make it easy access through mobile only.

Functional Flow of the app:-

  1. Splash Screen – with the logo of your company and name being displayed for 2 to 3 seconds.

  2. Registration/ Login Screen – User will be able to get themselves registered in the app.

  3. Home & Menu Screen – This screen would come up (Containing the Options available on Home Page) if the registration process is completed or the user skips the registration.

  4. Content Screen – This screen would contain the information available for every tab on the home screen (Like About us, contact us and Law including the PDF files).

  5. Trading Screen – This screen will be dedicated to trading along with the Trading Map available on the site.

Admin Features:

  • Admin will handle all the registration process from the App (Single App for Client and Admin).

  • App will give the auto pop ups for unfinished registrations.

  • App will eliminate the unprocessed clients itself after a certain time-period.

  • Admin can manage the entire App as per the requirements.

The app is available on Play Store with a name- Interactive Energy AG App. You can get it downloaded easily and start experiencing a new way of trading with a single tap on your phone with ease.

Click to view Mobile App End User License Agreement.