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Natural gas is a major source of energy, but in most of the towns and cities, it is unreachable as they are located at far place from the gas fields. As transporting gas by the pipeline may prove to be a costly affair, Interactive Energy AG creates LNG by reducing the temperature to – 160 degree Celsius.

LNG is a colorless and non-toxic liquid that we transport easily to the clients destination. We have many years of experience with LNG shipping operators managing ample of carriers. The demand for the resource is booming across the globe, especially in the Middle East and we trade in these demanding areas.

When LNG reaches to the destination, we return it to a gas at regasification facilities, from where it is then transferred through pipe to industries and homes.

In the business of LNG trading, its quality is an important factor and needs to meet certain specifications. We overcome all these factors and trade the LNG while meeting all regulations of the country.

Our quality regulation serves three purposes:

  • Ensures that the gas distributed is non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Guards against the liquid or hydrate in the network
  • Allow interchangeability of the distributed gas

To handle all the matters, our team take care of all work related to the supply of LNG.

We are developing a trading department in LNG to enhance the customer base utilities along with large industrial consumers. Our involvement is getting more and more significant, as the market has now become more interrelated.

Interactive Energy’s natural gas and LNG teams operate closely together across the various continents.