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LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) is widely known for being used for the purpose of cooking and heating, as automotive fuel and petrochemical feedstock. The consumption of petrochemicals is 20% with households and the other industries.

At Interactive Energy AG , we sell the commodities separately and ship them in special vessels. Most of the LPG supplies at Interactive Energy are shipped in huge carriers to various terminals in the world. When it comes to the LPG sales, we at Interactive Energy AG aim to occupy a strong position.

LPG is widely referred as butane and propane. It is a flammable mixture of the hydrocarbon gases, which are used as fuel. This is mainly used for cooking equipment, heating appliances and vehicles.

It is more used as a refrigerant and an aerosol propellant, which replace the chlorofluorocarbons with an aim to lessen the damage to the ozone layer. When it is used for vehicle specifically, it is called as auto gas.

The team at Interactive Energy has many years’ experience in the LPG markets.  Its logistical and trading expertise enable it to work with market participants, offering a wide range of trading solutions.