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Sugar, a common commodity we usually find at every household is considered as one of the most sold commodities. It is generalized for soluble carbohydrates, short-chain, sweet, and widely used in food. It falls into the category of carbohydrate, which is composed of hydrogen, carbon, and oxygen. Sugar comes in a wide variety of types and from various sources. The simple sugar is generally called as monosaccharides and consists of fructose, glucose, and galactose. The granulated sugar, which is also called as table sugar is broadly used as food. It is then called as sucrose, a disaccharide. The other form of disaccharides consists of lactose and maltose. The chains of sugar, which are longer, are known as oligosaccharides. However, do not get confused with the other chemically different substances, which taste sweet. Some of them are used as substitutes of lower-calorie food, used as artificial sweetener.

For Interactive Energy AG, with its extensive experience as an international physical distributor, extending the business to sugar was a natural extension for our trading and shipping.