Code of Conduct

Abiding by the Code of Conduct


At Interactive Energy AG, our objective is to guarantee that our standards are incorporated into all aspects of our daily enterprises. Anyone in the employ of Interactive Energy AG is expected to adhere to the Code and policies of the Company, regardless of location or function.

This includes, but is not limited to, all applicable divisions, directors and officers, permanent and temporary employees, and contractors under relevant contractual obligations. The purpose of the Code is to clarify the basic expectations of everyone involved in the Company, and to stipulate the orientation of the same.

All aforementioned parties must familiarise themselves with the Code, including any and all standards and policies, amendments, and applicable laws that adhere to their work. Any behaviour that is found to be in breach of the Code, the law, or the policies of the Company must be reported to administration.

In the event of a partnership, joint venture, or any other affiliation in which a person or group of people are in some form the representing agents of Interactive Energy AG, we assert that the cooperative party adopt comparable policies and procedures as the Company wherever possible.

Management, including but not limited to supervisors, team leaders, and all levels of administration, are required to maintain an environment of integrity, wherein employees, team members and/or contractors are instructed to perform within the guidelines of the Code, respecting the workspace of others, and demonstrating an understanding of all standards and policies.

All relevant procedures, policies and standards must be properly realised and adhered to, beginning with influential leadership working to prevent breaches of the Code.

Any and all aforementioned parties, including suppliers and contractors, are expected to maintain healthy, safe, and favourable work conditions, incorporating the Code and policies of the Company, as well as all manner of quality, timeliness, and environmental consciousness.