Corporate Policies


The effective and efficient management of Interactive Energy AG’s HSEC Standards (Health, Safety, Environment, and Community) is vital to developing our Company in a manner that is responsible, viable, and ethical.

Our Company’s HSEC Management Standards are policies that detail the processes and procedures to ensure that the aforementioned elements are incorporated into all corporate resolutions.

The key commitments of our HSEC policies are:

  • To foster a safe workspace for all in the employ of the Company, regardless of location or capacity
  • To promote the well-being and respect the rights of individuals and communities alike
  • To maintain processes that are environmentally friendly, minimise usage of natural resources, and preserve biodiversity
  • To encourage a work environment predicated on integrity, mutual respect, and ethical conduct
  • To establish adherence to HSEC policies with clients, partners, joint ventures, supply chains, and other affiliations wherever possible
  • To diligently assess and monitor compliance with HSEC policies
  • To continuously demonstrate and improve HSEC performance at the highest possible levels