Obtention of the EIC code in Switzerland by Interactive Energy AG

Obtention of the EIC code in Switzerland by Interactive Energy AG

October 14th 2015

Interactive Energy AG has obtained his EIC code in Switzerland as a Sales & Trading entity which allow us to trade electricity and gas in the Swiss market.

Swissgrid is the national grid company, and in its capacity as owner of the transmission system it ensures the secure, reliable and cost-effective operation of the Swiss high-voltage grid. It is subject to supervision by the Swiss Federal Electricity Commission ElCom. Swissgrid was established in January 2005. Swiss transmission system operator Swissgrid has since been responsible not only for the operation of the transmission grid but also for its maintenance, renewal and expansion. As a member of the European Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity (ENTSO-E), it is also responsible for coordination and grid usage in the cross-border exchange of electricity in Europe.


12X-Code for Sales & Trading:

EIC: 12X-0000001949-5
Function: Sales & Trading

EIC Code published on EIC LIO Websites:


ENTSO-E (International)